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315Mhz Wireless car key fob with key chain

9.35$ + Vat
Description This is a Wireless car key FOB with 4 buttons: Lock,unlock,mute and alarm on.  A blue led will light

Antenna WiFi

22.95$ + Vat
Product Details ECHO 1 Quad Band Wi-Fi Antenna for Arduino Wi-Fi Shield The ECHO 1 is a compact, easy mount,


100.00$ + Vat

OSH: Schematics

Arduino GSM Shield 2 is open-source hardware! You can build your own board using the following files: EAGLE FILES IN .ZIP SCHEMATICS IN .PDF

SIM to use with this shield

The GSM shield 2 is compatible with Data only and Voice and Data SIM. GPRS and SMS are supported by 2G Data only SIM, while voice calls, supported by the hardware, require a Voice and Data SIM, the same you may use in a GSM mobile phone. The Data transfer is based on GPRS technology and therefore it is not compatible with 3G or UMTS only network providers. GPRS is a 2G technology.


It is recommended that the board be powered with an external power supply that can provide between 700mA and 1000mA. Powering an Arduino and the GSM shield 2 from a USB connection is not recommended, as USB cannot provide the required current for when the modem is in heavy use.

On board indicators

The shield contains a number of status LEDs:
  • On: shows the Shield gets power.
  • Status: turns on to when the modem is powered and data is being transferred to/from the GSM/GPRS network.
  • Net: blinks when the modem is communicating with the radio network.

On board interfaces

The shield comes with a on-board audio jack as well,  and it can be used for both microphone and line inputs. It is also possible to make voice calls. You don’t need to add a speaker and microphone. There are two small buttons on the shield. The button labeled "Reset" is tied to the Arduino reset pin. When pressed, it will restart the sketch. The button labeled "Power" is connected to the modem and will power the modem on and off. For early versions of the shield, it was necessary to press the power button to turn on the modem. Newer versions of the board will turn the modem on automatically. If you have an early version of the shield, and it does not turn on automatically, you can solder a jumper to the CTRL/D7 pad on the reverse side of the board, and it will turn on when an attached Arduino receives power. Several of the modem pins are exposed on the underside of the board. These provide access to the modem for features like speaker output and microphone input. See the datasheet for complete information.

Previous Versions

Do you own a past an old version of this product? Check Arduino GSM Shield V1 product page.

ESP8266 Uart Serial to Wi-Fi Wireless for Arduino / Raspberry Pi / AVR / ARM

12.10$ + Vat
Overview Specifications Buy 3+ and Save Reviews   error correction This is a new ESP8266 of Wi-Fi serial transceivers, both

ESP8266 Wi-Fi Modules – Svart (2stk)

13.40$ + Vat
Oversikt Spesifikasjoner Kjøp 3 + og Spar Anmeldelser   Vis på Engelsk generell modell ESP8266 mengde 1 set materiale FR4,

ESP8266MOD WiFi Module

Description The ESP8266 WiFi Module is a self contained SOC with integrated TCP/IP protocol stack that can give any microcontroller

GPS Receiver – EM-506 (48 Channel)

54.10$ + Vat
Description  The EM-506 GPS receiver from USGlobalSat based on the spectacular SiRF StarIII chipset. This complete module is built upon

GSM Antenna ANTA2000A0200BR11

21.95$ + Vat
Description Product Description This is an omni directionalcantennas tuned to perform on either GSM/GPRS or 2.4/5.8GHz networks. These antennas are

HC-06 Wireless Bluetooth Module

16.03$ + Vat
Overview Specifications Buy 3+ and Save Reviews   error correction Features: 1.The HC-06 is slave module, interface VCC,GND,TXD,RXD,STATE,EN. State interface

NFC RFID-RC522 RF IC Card RFID Reader Module w/ S50 Card for Arduino

10.70$ + Vat
Overview Specifications Buy 3+ and Save Reviews   error correction TThis is based on RF module RC522 near field communication

pcDuino – WiFi Dongle

32.12$ + Vat
Description Want to free your pcDuino from the oppression of wired networking? This USB Wifi dongle has been tested to

RFM22B-S2 SMD Wireless Transceiver – 915MHz

13.55$ + Vat
Description The RFM22B is a low-cost ISM FSK transceiver module which offers communication at 915MHz ISM and adjustable output power